The team rises!

Together we move,
Individually we lead.
This is not the end!

Just like an arrow 🎯
The steps back will propel us,
With speed, to target!

Believe well my friends,
Let time test our character.
The champion 🏆 stands!

Someday we will laugh
And appreciate the bond
That won us our goal!

Dream is a vision
Life is about living it
Start a legacy!

There’s dawn after dusk
And glory after defeat
Also remember,
It’s not over till you’ve given up!

On one hand, in the northern part of India, more than 1100 people have died due to the heat wave. And in the north-eastern part of India, continuous rain has been causing floods in many parts of the states. Nature is in a mood of revenge. Guess its time for human beings to lay down arms and surrender! This is not a war we are waging but constructing our own death trap. Eventually we cannot win against nature. Constructing facilities over the will of nature will back-fire, oh it already has. We are not invincible! That illusion needs to break.


Serpent turmoil

Oh serpent turmoil!
Will your venom take away
All that I don’t want?

I have a treasure,
That I thought was precious!
Now buried in dust.

Or are you hunting
For what I cant live without
Or live lifelong death?

See you have led me
To believe in your power,
I only seek peace!

Like a humbled man,
I stand for your judgement day.
Faith is still my hope!


25 November, 2014 15:49

There’s so much regret,
That blinds me from tomorrow.
Open eyes, no light.
Hands carry tear drops
So that they don’t write a tale
On the ground I walk.
How to believe in hope?
When I had set faith on flames,
Now am suffocating in its ashes.
My haloed angel,
Is black your new change of flavour?
Or do I see wrong?
Chastity of emotions,
Wearing a mask of beautiful smile
Wonder what’s beneath.
A river of tears,
That’s where am headed to bathe
And drown to my death.
My hands are so sore
Carrying the burden of sorrow
Like life of living.
Pray for the next life,
Million miles from here
And not the same choices.
With Only self left to lose,
I catch my last drop of tear
And walk into the water.


25 November, 2014 15:46

Confused and lonely!
Chased dreams to the horizon
Did we feel the joy?
What we left behind
Could be they were the ones, but
Did we even see?
The wind could not stop
The race on my pegacorn
Wind was an ally!
Lot of years went by
And I gained wealth, but not love I died every night.
Make merry my friends,
We made our biggest mistake.
Life with no embrace.
We may turn back now
And find hope in the scattered
Dust of our race.
Hope is the last light
We might find our loved ones
Still with open arms!

Strange days have come


So strange days have come.
New rock on top of the hill.
Fresh experience.
A war of ages
And magic that tore the sky,
To rewrite history.
They say its so hard
Immortals would die old too
Trying to break it.
But it must be fought,
Glory is just another
Among more they sought.
And when it began,
The sky was crying yellow,
Burnt all that stood in its way.
It was judgement day!
And the roaring waves,
Swept away all who had failed
No shelter was safe.
But the quest didn’t rest,
Generations got wasted
And the next prepared.
All for a small rock,
Who came just to be a friend
A brother from space!