Poveglia Island


Poveglia, situated in Venice’s Lagoon, is often described has one of the most haunted spot on earth and according to many, is likely to be the world’s most haunted island!


For such a small island, Poveglia has had a VERY tumultuous history. Its first residents arrived in 421 AD after trying to escape the barbaric invasions of Venice and around the 9th century, the tiny island became densely populated and grew in importance. It later became the turf on which many wars were fought against the barbarians and while most were won, Poveglia’s residents had to be permanently displaced in 1379 by the Venician government so it could fortify and use the island to counter the attacks of the Genoans.


When the bubonic plague hit Venice in 1348, Lazzarettos (quarantine centers) were established on many small islands including Poveglia to try to contain the pandemic. The Black Death revisited Venice in 1462, 1485, 1506, 1575-1577, and 1629-1631. The 1629-1631 outbreak ended up being the deadliest with an estimated 80,000 deaths in just seventeen months. The islands surrounding Venice were becoming dump sites where victims were thrown into grave pits. Those who simply displayed symptoms didn’t have much more luck as they were dragged on Poveglia and forced to wait for their death – some were even burned alive. Aside from Poveglia, two other islands were used for quarantine purposes and dumping sites – Lazzaretto Vecchio and Lazzaretto Nuovo. While those 2 islands were extensively explored and researched by archaeologists, Poveglia is still to this day shrouded in mystery, remaining largely unexplored, seemingly abandoned while the grave pits are still unmarked.


Up until the beginning of the 20th century, Poveglia was used on and off as a quarantine station and in 1922, the existing buildings were converted into a hospital for the mentally ill of Venice. The legend has it that a doctor working at the asylum committed all kinds of atrocities against his patients before going “mad” and falling to his death from the bell tower. It is said that he survived the fall, but was strangled by a ghostly mist.


The GHOST ADVENTURES tv show visited Poveglia in 2009 and during their investigation host Zak Bagan was famously attacked/possessed by a seemingly dark and violent entity. The attack still remains one of the show’s most compelling paranormal moment captured on tape as Zak is seen vigorously fighting off the attack. On the episode, local historian Federico Moro said that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE died or were buried on the small island over the many centuries. No wonder Poveglia is referred to as the Island Of Death!


THE LEAD MASKS CASE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1966


A pair of strange deaths occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1966. To this day, the deaths of two men found under what can only be described as unique circumstances, have yet to be explained. In fact, it is still unclear whether the deaths were self-induced, worthy of a pair of Darwin awards or murder. The deaths are odd enough, given that two relatively healthy middle aged men just up and died together, but there were also a handful of objects with the men that made the case even more confusing and led to its popular name — The Lead Masks Case.

On August 17, 1966, two electronics repairmen from Campos dos Goytacazes left town saying they were going to buy supplies for work and a car. They allegedly had the money for a vehicle with them. The men — Miguel Jose Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz — later stopped at a bar to get a bottle of water. The bartender later said that Miguel appeared to be in a hurry as he was frequently checking his watch. That was the last any one saw of the pair alive.

Three days later, Jorge da Costa Alves found the bodies of the two men on Vintem Hill in Rio de Janeiro. Naturally, he alerted the police, who conducted an investigation. They ascertained the last known whereabouts of the men and discovered the miscellaneous items that represent their last moments alive. Both men were dressed in suits and wearing waterproof coats. They had lead eye masks with no holes, such as one would wear to protect from radiation. There was also an empty water bottle, two towels and a notebook. The notebook confused the case even further. It contained a few notes in Portuguese. Translated, they read: “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.” The money for a car was not found.

None of these items present any answers; they only pose more questions.

The Suits: The suits suggest that the men were meeting someone. However, without knowing their usual attire, it is hard to say.

The Lead Masks: The lead masks suggest that the men were expecting radioactivity. The problem is that no radiation was detected at the site. There is the possibility that Vintem Hill was not the “agreed place” and that the men needed the masks elsewhere.

The Towels and Jackets: The towels indicate that the men were expecting moisture, as do the jackets. There simply is no explanation for this. There were claims that UFOs were seen in the area on the 17th and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy does say that towels are essential for space travel. Unfortunately, the guide was not published until more than ten years later.

The Water Bottle: This one is easy. They were supposed to return the bottle to the bar. They drank the water, it seems, but were unable to return the bottle.

The Notes: Herein lies the biggest mystery. Who were they meeting at the arranged place? Were they meeting a person or hoping for an event? Was Vintem Hill the arranged place? We have no way of knowing. Then, there are the capsules. Most sources say toxicology turned up nothing because the organs were not preserved. Therefore, we do not know if the men took the capsules or what they contained. To be literal, we are not even sure if the notes refer to that day, though at least that seems likely. “Protect the metals” may refer to some metals they were meeting to get rid of. “Wait for mask signal” obviously means they were waiting for someone to tell them to put on their masks.

One explanation is that the men were meeting someone for a clandestine deal involving radioactive material. However, that would not explain the capsule mention, the towels or the jackets. Another explanation is that they were conducting an experiment, but there is no evidence of an experiment leading to their death, such as materials for said experiment. They may have been duped, murdered and dumped on the hill, though there was no evidence of violence or violent injuries. They also may have been waiting for an intergalactic ride.

The curious case of Elisa Lam

On February 21st 2013, a maintenance worker responding to complaints by guests of the Cecil Hotel in East Los Angeles, discovered a decomposing body at the bottom of the hotel’s water tank. For 19 days hotel guests had bathed, brushed their teeth and drank of the water despite its “funny, sweet, disgusting taste.” The body dredged up from the rooftop water tank was identified as Elisa Lam, a 21 year old Canadian tourist on her way to Santa Cruz. Los Angeles robbery/homicide detectives are treating the still unsolved case as a murder.

After combing through hotel surveillance tapes, police uncovered an extremely disturbing video of Elisa taken from the night she died. One’s immediate response is to assume the young woman was either 1) being followed 2) on drugs (possibly bath salts) or 3) both.

The first impression one likely gets from watching the first minute or so of this video is that Elisa is hiding from someone. But this seemingly obvious explanation is complicated, perhaps undermined, by the remainder of the video, in which the woman’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre. Strange gestures, erratic movements, waiting outside the elevator as though summoning something–none of these seem in keeping with the petrified terror one would experience if being stalked or followed.

Why go there? The skeptic asks. Answer…the Cecil Hotel has served as temporary home for no less than two serial killers: the legendary “Nightstalker” Richard Ramirez and Austrian Euro-ghoul Jack Unterweger.

In 1985, Ramirez paid $14 a night to stay on the 14th floor of the Cecil, where he killed 14 people. Six years later, Unterweger murdered several prostitutes while living at the Cecil.

The Cecil Hotel was also the scene of a 1962 suicide, in which 27 year-old Pauline Otten jumped out of her window and landed on a pedestrian, killing both. Two years later, Goldie Osgood, known by some as the Pershing Square Pigeon Lady, was found raped and strangled at the Cecil. It is also widely rumored that Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, patronized the seedy hotel and the bar next door shortly before her notorious disappearance in 1947.

Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli is also identified to be a haunted place. Visitors have felt something odd about the place. The well has dried out but that now added to the haunting legends, while going deeper the sounds totally vanish and the only thing can hear is the echo of our footsteps. Some people even assert that the Baoli is a residence of devils. This Baoli has turned into the house for thousands of bats and pigeons. Before the place lost its shine, the Boali was filled with black water which would call out to people strangely and ask them to scarify their lives.

On Hailey Road near Connaught Place Agrasen ki Baoli is just a small walk from Jantar Mantar. Agrasen ki Baoli (Agrasen’s Baoli) is among a small number of its kind in Delhi, consisting of 104 steps made of red stone. This Baoli was originally constructed on the orders of Maharaja Agrasen, in the Mahabharat era, and most probably during the Tughlaq period, in the 14th century reconstructed by the Agrawal community. Now it’s a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), and has a mammoth board representing its national importance. This monument has an immense historical significance all wrapped in astonishment and mystery, but yet the ticket-less entry fees attracts only a small number of visitors. It as haunted is the story that heard from locals.

This might be the vernacular behind the strangeness felt inside the vicinity of this Baoli. Someone jump to his death, this is what he had to say “He was fine and then we saw him standing there. The water is believed to have had mesmerized people and drove them to death.

Dow Hill of Kurseong, West Bengal

Kurseong is a small hill station situated in the Darjeeling state of West Bengal. It is at a 30 KMs from Darjeeling. It has a pleasant climate for the entire year. In local language Kurseong is pronounced as “Kharsang”. “Kharsang” means Lands of White Orchids. Definitely it is a very calm and beautiful place for spending days peacefully. But this hill station has a dark side too.

It has stories of murders and ghosts. According to local people ghosts resides in the Victoria Boys High School. Whispering, footsteps, eerie sensation spread out from the school even from December to March also, when school remains closed. The Dow Hill forest near the school is an unquestionably tragical place, huge numbers of peoples murdered in the forest. Naturally it makes the forest horrifying. if we study haunted places, we can see the place where numbers of unnatural deaths occurred, that turns haunted by nature. May be its people’s fear or unsatisfied spirits suffering themselves attached or bound to those places. Same is for Kurseong.

One most terrible story is the headless boy. The road between Dow Hill Road and the Forest Office is known as death road. On that road some woodcutters on different times reported a blood chilling experience. They saw a young headless boy walking on the road and disappearing into the trees.
Every time a strange uncanny feelings will surround you in the forest. People always feel someone follow him in the forest. Some people told us they have seen a red eye on them for a sudden moment while they was passing in the very dark jungle. A woman with grey clothes have been seen many times in the forest, those who tried to follow her lost in overtime in the dark. Sometimes screaming for women come out from this haunted forest, children often become terrified by some evil forces.

Many people told that they always being watched and followed on the road and near forest by uninvited spirits.

From lots of uncanny feelings some people loosed their control and stayed in trauma stage for a long time. Many of them committed suicide.