So far in IPL7

So far its been about 14 matches down and the talk┬áthis IPL season has been all about Kings 11 Punjab. What a batting display! I don’t remember seeing Punjab winning 3 out of 3 matches in this convincing fashion. And I don’t see this team buckling under pressure coz when you have players like Sehwag, Maxwell, Miller, Johnson and Bailley as the leader of the pack, the only thing that comes to the mind is aggression and intimidation.

Chasing big totals or creating mammoth targets, when it comes to T20, there is no-one currently better than Glen Maxwell. What I can’t stop thinking about is a reason why Mumbai Indians let him go? Corey Anderson is not a right replacement for Maxwell. He is a different player altogether whereas Maxwell has been belting bowlers all around the world consistently be it any format or tournament. As usual, again for the 7th time, I being a Mumbai Indians supporter am not happy with their decisions. But still keeping hope on the strategies of the team. Maybe there is a reason why this is happening and maybe things will fall back in place very soon. However, the score for the team so far is 3 games 3 losses.

I also can’t wait to see Bangalore in action. Glad to see Yuvi who looks very relaxed under the leadership of Kohli. Always been a fan!