Real superhero

We are so accustomed to superheroes in the movies. I used to wonder if there were superheroes in the real world. I guess a unique skill or blessing qualifies one into the club. Frank ‘Cannonball’ Richards is a legend!

Unknown language 

The medium of communication with a pet is amazing. Obviously since we don’t share a common method to exchange information but yet the bond that is shared between us is among the best I shared with anybody. Recently I learnt that dogs (puppies in my case) don’t understand the meaning of most things that we say. But they understand the tone & tune of the words. For example: when I want to give them a treat, I say ‘bikit’ (biscuit) repeatedly for multiple times and in an ascending tone and the pups leave whatever kept them busy and sit near the kitchen door. Today I did the same thing but replaced ‘bikit’ with ‘cricket’ and I got the same reaction. The same strategy on different objects gave me mostly the same outcome. 

Maybe they are too young (4 months old) to notice the difference or maybe the above theory is true and not just one off incident. Only way to find out is by trying the same experiment a few more times. 

What I am saying, if am trying to say anything is that language doesn’t necessarily has to be a priority to strike a great bond between two living things. I can’t vouch for every living thing but maybe almost certain about dogs. How else will a puppy understand me being happy or sad? How will I know if its hungry or thirsty? I am very fascinated by the connection we’ve built and seeing it prosper gives a real good sense of happiness. 

Will come up with more regarding my pups soon. 


Today my puppies had their first experience of no electricity. It freaked them out. Especially the shadows created by the emergency lamp made no sense to them. 

They continued barking and whimpering. Nothing could calm them down. Even the neck and ear rub weren’t helping. Eventually an idea worked, chicken bones! I threw a piece of bone to the darkest place in the house and they had no hesitation in fighting their fear to retrieve the bones. Then they were normal. Thus I felt pride in watching their first encounter with darkness and how they overcame their fear. Actually this is a learning experience. Most of the time we are limited by our or else’s fears. When we fight our way through a maze of confusions, mis-directions etc., we usually win. Not always but surely the sweetness of the good memories outweigh the bitterness of misfortunes. That’s living! Living to be a part of those moments that stays in the heart and mind till the soul leaves the body. 

Thank you, kids! Thank you for clearing my mind once again. 

Eternal problem, procrastination or mis-management of time 

An internal resolution cements its will to be regular on this platform. However something or the other always brings in between mammoth sized obstacles or further elongates the distance in between me and my expressions. No doubt I’ve been busy, am trying to match the break neck speed of life. Is this the reason? Then I find myself with a lot of time on my hands which could have been differently utilised than already done. Am unsure if this is procrastination to be consistent at what I started. Or a matter of time before I find myself here more often than now. 

And when I star surfing the content on my reader, it fills my heart with pride. Motivates me to  sit down and express myself. Being happy is all about ones expressions, the mediums differs  from one person to another but that’s the point! 

Realised that am not in control of my temper. All this while I had defended my outbursts and emotional imbalances. However since my weakness has been identified I resolve to work on it from today.

25 December, 2016 17:43

“A young tea seller started his business near my home. It’s the first day. Business hours: 6am-10pm. After 8 weeks he will analyse certain data and decide if more hours are needed.”

And this kid wont be more than 12-13 years old. His check list to monitor for the next 8 weeks has mind-blowing categories. Am sure this guy will become a successful entrepreneur one day. 16 hours of work everyday and ready for even more. I salute his spirit!