Well yes it hurts to lose to Pakistan especially in the finals! Pakistan deserved to be the winner. They outplayed India in all the departments of the game. Congratulations! My respect for coach Micky Arthur has increased 10 folds now. He saw the vulnerability of the batsmen after the top 3 and exposed it bluntly. This indeed cost us the trophy. Also I feel Kumble didn’t plan proper on how to combat Amir. Rohit Sharma’s stats against Amir is appalling. And he got all top 3 in his 6 overs. 

Emotionally I would love to see Yuvi & Dhoni play for another 10 years. But realistically they are ageing and there is a huge prospect of young Indian players brewing at the back ground. Players who too needs to be given experience at the international level. There is a stream of opinion who thinks its just a game and everything is fine. I beg to differ. This was the final of the tournament we were set to defend. Losing to Pakistan in a final is really sad. Doesn’t matter if the middle order had less match experience but what about career experience? The mighty Indian batting lineup consists of only 3. Both these players will have to deliver match winnings innings more often. 

I wonder what is Ravinder Jadeja considered as? All rounder or bowler? His bowling stats of the CT 2017 is heart breaking. The #1 bowler in tests goes wicket less in a major tournament. And if an all rounder he failed when it mattered the most. Maybe a bad day at work for most of the Indian players or maybe this is where some signs shouldn’t be overlooked. 


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