Unknown language 

The medium of communication with a pet is amazing. Obviously since we don’t share a common method to exchange information but yet the bond that is shared between us is among the best I shared with anybody. Recently I learnt that dogs (puppies in my case) don’t understand the meaning of most things that we say. But they understand the tone & tune of the words. For example: when I want to give them a treat, I say ‘bikit’ (biscuit) repeatedly for multiple times and in an ascending tone and the pups leave whatever kept them busy and sit near the kitchen door. Today I did the same thing but replaced ‘bikit’ with ‘cricket’ and I got the same reaction. The same strategy on different objects gave me mostly the same outcome. 

Maybe they are too young (4 months old) to notice the difference or maybe the above theory is true and not just one off incident. Only way to find out is by trying the same experiment a few more times. 

What I am saying, if am trying to say anything is that language doesn’t necessarily has to be a priority to strike a great bond between two living things. I can’t vouch for every living thing but maybe almost certain about dogs. How else will a puppy understand me being happy or sad? How will I know if its hungry or thirsty? I am very fascinated by the connection we’ve built and seeing it prosper gives a real good sense of happiness. 

Will come up with more regarding my pups soon. 


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