Today my puppies had their first experience of no electricity. It freaked them out. Especially the shadows created by the emergency lamp made no sense to them. 

They continued barking and whimpering. Nothing could calm them down. Even the neck and ear rub weren’t helping. Eventually an idea worked, chicken bones! I threw a piece of bone to the darkest place in the house and they had no hesitation in fighting their fear to retrieve the bones. Then they were normal. Thus I felt pride in watching their first encounter with darkness and how they overcame their fear. Actually this is a learning experience. Most of the time we are limited by our or else’s fears. When we fight our way through a maze of confusions, mis-directions etc., we usually win. Not always but surely the sweetness of the good memories outweigh the bitterness of misfortunes. That’s living! Living to be a part of those moments that stays in the heart and mind till the soul leaves the body. 

Thank you, kids! Thank you for clearing my mind once again. 


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