25 November, 2014 15:49

There’s so much regret,
That blinds me from tomorrow.
Open eyes, no light.
Hands carry tear drops
So that they don’t write a tale
On the ground I walk.
How to believe in hope?
When I had set faith on flames,
Now am suffocating in its ashes.
My haloed angel,
Is black your new change of flavour?
Or do I see wrong?
Chastity of emotions,
Wearing a mask of beautiful smile
Wonder what’s beneath.
A river of tears,
That’s where am headed to bathe
And drown to my death.
My hands are so sore
Carrying the burden of sorrow
Like life of living.
Pray for the next life,
Million miles from here
And not the same choices.
With Only self left to lose,
I catch my last drop of tear
And walk into the water.



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