This Independence Day

Every year on the occasion of Indian Independence Day, I made sure to be a part of the nations most glorious celebration. That was the biggest part that I played so far for most of my life. And that was it other than the random comment on social networking platforms. Now having officially walked the planet for over 34 years, I realized that  wasn’t good enough.

Recently I read somewhere that change is a continuous process, not an event. There is a change that needs to happen inside of me. There is more to contribute to the nation other than making a opinion on current events on various platforms. There will be no me present in any celebration this time. If the future of the country is the youth, then i believe there are lots of people who are abandoned due to time or results. If we compel a natural born athlete to excel in singing, or force a brilliant mind to take up farming, the results will either be mediocre or a disaster.

Today, on the occasion of the country’s 70th Independence Day, I pledge to play a significance part in the grooming of such an abandoned child. If we look around, there are plenty we will see. Next year, in 2017, I will analyze  how much did I contribute for the future of the country.

My intentions are not to offend anyone, just wanted to make more of a difference for the future of the country. As for history, I salute every leader, dead or alive, famous or infamous, from the heart for giving us the biggest gift of our lives. To my fellow countrymen..




Patriotic but lazy

I was all fired up with patriotism till it was declared that the independence day flag hoisting would be at 8 am in the morning. That’s a terrible news for someone who works at graveyard shift as per EST time zone. From covering the national anthem in a metal form to deciding to just sleep it off the whole day came in about 15 seconds flat. It looks like I am trying to glorify being lazy over patriotism. Well the mind know the best!